garry's mod question

1.i bought garry’s mod & CSS can i run garry mod used css?

2.i used undeadpatch before.did i need to deleted undead patach before play an original game?.

that all for now…


guy i need help please reply :frowning:

  1. You can use CSS stuff in Garry’s Mod but now Garry’s Mod stuff in CSS.
  2. I’m not sure what “undeadpatch” is. So sorry!

Undeadpatch being a pirated version of gmod?

If so, delete your old gmod and run gmod and css through steam.

Delete undead patch.
Then play.

thanks guy


but i has 1 more problem.when i click gmog to loading long time and not responding

Is it a pirated version of GMod?

no i has buy ,but before i used pirated :stuck_out_tongue:

Ban hammer? or does he deserve redemption?

Gray area. He’s gotten around to buying it, so leave him alone.

You’ll probably have to remove all things related to the pirated version for it to most likely work.

Reformat your whole computer, I know how you pirates have dirty computers.
All those games, taking up your 100GB HDD. Sickens me.

Delete every trace of the pirated GMod, then try.

Its funny all theses pirates just make accounts to whine about there pirated gmods not working.

You are trying to mix a cracked steam with legit games and wondering whats not working.