Garrys Mod Questions

I just got garrys mod and installed it. I have the games Counter Strike Source and TF2 Installed. I have Half Life 2 Episode 1 And 2 not installed.(I do not have Half Life 2 just the episode packs) Do i need to install that for Garrys Mod Because i heard you needed half life 2 for the rag dolls and stuff. I joined the server and there were a bunch of errors. What do i do the fix that. Thanks in advance. Are there anythings i need to download from this page

Well, those errors you need PHX3 model pack and wiremod:

You don’t need half life 2 installed, Garry’s mod includes the content from it automatically.

I have cs and i try to use the models but i cant!!!

listen dont rate my comment dumb im new and idk how

You dont need HL2 to get the ragdolls, if you buy HL2 (not the episodes) all you get is the maps and speech… And if you want to use HL2 EP1 and EP2’s content… Install it and play it, then mount it in Gmod.

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Ok god.

You know it. :smug:

Well that doesn`t help that I cant use the models for Counter Strike on GMod does it?

Start Gmod, click Gmod Settings, check the checkbox for CS, and restart Gmod.

The following is apparently wrong, please do ignore it.

Wait… you have Episode 1 and 2, but not the original Half Life 2? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Episodes require Half Life 2? Half Life 2 content does come with garrysmod, but since the episodes require HL2, might you need to actually own HL2 in order to use content from Episodes 1 and 2?

OK I will.

You’re wrong.

I found my problem. I didnt have CS:S.(Counter strike Source)