Garry's Mod quickly freezes when MIC chatting

Every time I use my mic for the first time for over 5 minutes Garry’s Mod does a 5 second freeze which is annoying in TTT when there is a traitor killing you, I haven’t tried getting new drivers although now that I think of it it may be the case.

But Graphics Driver is up to date.

Can anybody help me?

update sound drivers

also post specs


Post PC Specs

ok sure

GPU: GeForce GT 650M
CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM @2.50GHz
GPU driver: 340.52 (up to date)
Microphone: IDT High Definition Audio???
Computer: Dell inspirion 7720

Specs seem ok. You updated drivers yet?

They’re downloading but I think I’ve fixed the problem by disabling Power Management in Microphone settings. I haven’t tried but I hope it works. also hope the drivers work as well

Edit: Now they’re installing. Hope this works

It’s not making my game run slow. It just freezes

I’m going to have to break out a hacksaw if I want to use a GTX970 with my chasis ;_;

I don’t know how this is helpful to this thread

wrong thread

wondered where this went actually

Mic was in low power mode… I wonder how that had anything to do with it but it worked!