Garry's Mod Quiting to Desktop on "Retreiving Server Info"

Upon joining a specific server, My Garry’s Mod reaches to “Retrieving Server Info” and then quits to desktop. No HL2.exe has stopped responding message, it just quits. I’ve tried different servers and all worked fine. But trying to connect to the one I always play on it crashes almost all the time. Sometimes I’m able to load in but that a rare thing. I’ve vertified Garry’s Mod and still have issues, I removed my fps config and set most of my other options for Garrys mod to defaults. Still can’t connect. In the past I was able to get around the issue by constantly switching between DX 81, 90 and 95. But that too stopped to work,

If it helps, here are my PC’s specs. It is a rather crappy netbook so the specs arn’t that great

Manufacture: Sony
Model: Viao E Series 11
CPU: AMD E2-1800 APU @ 1.7Ghz
OS: Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit
SSD: Kingston SV300 240GB

Also, here are the latest three dumps that Garry’s Mod made