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From the community that brought you perp 2 that was actually authorized is back but with the rest of the PE gamemodes!

But there’s a catch. GMR 2 was unfinished so it’s up to us to finish it. GMP is ready to go and is currently up! TF2TD is currently broken and has to be fixed. So this will be the post for us to post development for GMR 2 and GMP.

Synced Gaming was started after Eternal Prophets died, there really wasn’t any server that hosted perp 2 and I had it so Jonney934 and I decided to start up another community and now we have have the rest of the PE gamemodes to carry on what hunts had started.

  **GMR 2:**
  • Some work has started on it but not a lot. we are currently setting up TF2TD, GMP, and PERP until they can be stable enough for us to start developement on GMR 2.

  • New screenshot’s will be posted soon when GMR 2 is at the point where we can actually start a server up.

But for now I will leave some pictures from hunts first announcement on PE.

Note: There have been some changes made since these screenshots.

Video ( NOTE: This is no where near what the completed version will look like.)


Here are some pictures with the car content on the gamemode.

Here are some of the maps being worked on for GMR2, they are not final but gives you a look into what new content might be included.

gmr2_CityCircut (WIP, this is just a hammer shot of the starting point in the map.) - Credits: Snapster

gmr2_newway (WIP) - Credits: PK191

This is just a summary of SOME of the stuff added/changed with gmr2 and what we intend to to with the gamemode ( SOME OF THE THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN THE FUTURE):

  • There are different classes of cars ( Light, Rounded, and Heavy )
  • We plan on making a 2 in 1 gamemode now. Basically giving players an option to dm or race in the same map.
  • We are going to use different environments. ( Snow, dirt, rain, etc. )
  • We are going to make the racing portion more like racing ( without weapons). There will be weapons but they will not be intended to destroy cars.
  • Deathmatch will have weapons such as missiles.
  • Some of the non destroying weapons will be EMP’s, spikes, oil spills, smoke screens.
  • Achievements are working and they will be used in conjunction to unlock new cars to buy.
  • Racing and upgrade buying is more balanced now and people can have every upgrade in their car so newbies wont get owned everytime and basically eliminating the end game factor.

I will announce a TBA when i have one on this thread so check back every now and then or go to our website at

If you have any suggestions for GMR 2 then feel free to post them on our sites GMR 2 suggestion board.

Want to make some maps for Garry’s Mod Racer 2? Simply follow this wiki:

and send the .vmf and the .bsp to our head mapper Snapster on our forums!

  **GMP: **

Currently in the state how it was like back at PE. We will be adding new minigames and some new features such as buyable trails, hats and models. We also have a custom map.

Current minigames:

  • Backfiring Berreta’s
  • Beastly Blackout
  • Blowout Boxing ( New )
  • Bug Bait
  • Craving Cannibal
  • Crumbling Crates
  • Deadly Dodgeball
  • Falling Floors
  • Hostile Hauntings
  • Launching Lasers
  • Locomotive Lunacy
  • Mortar Mayhem
  • Pedobear ( New - Just like the actually pedobear gamemode but in gmp )
  • Tangled Tiles
  • Volatile Virus

Future minigames:

  • Russian Roulette
  • Rocket Jump
  • Where’s Waldo?
  • Hot Potato
  • Citizen Clubbing
  • Coin Pickup

Future content:

  • Buyable Trails
  • Buyable Hats
  • Buyable Models.
  • Trivia ( To be finished )

We have a fantastic mapper to can whip up whatever we ask in no time so don’t hold back on your suggestions for minigames. If you have any then please post them on our sites GMP suggestion board.


TF2TD currently needs to be fixed. When it’s ready i will announce it. We won’t be making any changes to TF2TD because it’s a classic and should stay like that ( Unless TF2 releases a new class ).

If you have suggestions then feel free to post them on our sites suggestion page.


**OCRP: **
We are going to be hosting OCRP but with a sort of twist. We want to make players from OCPR and PERP to feel welcome so we will be adding all the features that people loved so much from perp plus some of the ideas that we had planned to add before.

If you have suggestions then feel free to post them on our site’s OCRP suggestion page.

Note: The site uses OpenID when you register so you MUST have gmod in order to register on our forums.


 Server IP's


TF2TD: Will be joinable through GMP

GMR 2: N/A

OCRP: Not up yet.

More PERP and PE drama?
No thanks.

Although good luck on GMP.

How come every single PERP related server uses the same SMF theme?

we’ve been using the theme since we started… we might change up the theme soon.

I remember your old community, nothing was different about it.
You guys just try to squeeze everything out of the gamemode.
By the way, stop having Snapster rate your posts, its an unneeded biased opinion.

Ya, i remember how you did nothing but complain on the old post. Nothing’s changed.
How do we try to squeeze everything out of the gamemode? Btw I’m not having Snapster do anything.

TF2TD is a pain to fix…

Edit: Just stop replying you downy :\

Not trying to be a downy but there are tons of PERP servers, and GMR2 looks the same as GMR just with different car models and HUD

We don’t squeeze anything out of the gamemode. (Don’t even know how you would squeeze a gamemode but okay.)

Also I rated (agree) on something that I agreed with before he edited his post. herp derp.

PERP is just there for people that want to rp. We may start working on our own gamemode in the future. Let us get setup first, and ill put whats new on GMR 2.

Edit: I updated the OP to include some of the features in gmr 2. Don’t judge a book by its cover.





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I say best of luck. Let’s not have any corrupt admins shall we?

Haha it’ll be up soon. I’m going to be strict about corrupt admins and all these admins were hand picked. I trust they will get the job done.

We’re going to get on GMP today at around 3-5pm EST so be sure to come by!

Word of the wise to all perp server owners changing the hud and adding a few things doesn’t deserve a gamemode be called 3 or 4.


Good luck with this, hopefully it won’t turn into a dick sucking circle of kids as usual.

Changed back, i got the gamemode like that -_- Work was going to be done on it but we got caught up with gmp and gmr2…

Yep, just when you thought we couldn’t make it any better, we’ve done it again.

We added one new car


TF2TD anyone?

There are still some kinks to be worked out and tf2 still needs to be put on the box to fix the animations and some of the bugs.

I’m guessing you’re talking about *gaming?

TF2TD is up and running. You may join through our GMP server and by heading to the TF2TD room.

GMP has had a lot of changes done to it. The vip room is now fixed and the lounges. The blockers don’t bug up and the server teleporters are now working. Gold Member’s now get their benefits on GMP.

G-Mod Party?


Also, I am a moderator of a PERP server myself, and I have to say that people often get dragged into the PERP drama. I don’t see why these guys can’t keep going with their version of PERP in development without someone being like, “OMG NOT AGAIN WTF” :expressionless:

I’m confused, why is your PERP called 4.0?

Dude, get over the perp shit, This thread isn’t to highlight our perp server. Its to show the progress on GMR2, GMP, and TF2TD (aka the title).

He even said he wasn’t going to bother explaining it, go to our forum if you really want to know things about it.

Erie, do me a favor and go check the servers gamemode. Oh, it’s PERP 3 (Custom)? Yeah, its been like that for a past 3 days. Can you be any later?