Garry's Mod Racer 3.0 |Coming Soon|

Garry’s Mod Racer 3.0
Hello there everyone! I am working on recoding and converting the old gamemode gmod racer!
More info on the release and gamemode coming soon!

I will be doing all the work over the next few weeks / months!

How does fixing an old gamemode constitute it as a new version?

You should really wait until you have content to make a thread, imo.

Let’s say there was a point announcing this early, and posting to it later when it’s done. With no actual content to post, this thread will inevitably going to end up at the bottom of the forum, and you’d have to make another anyway.

Gmod Racer 2 and 1 were leaked weren’t they? You should consider coding it from scratch by yourself mate.

code it from scratch. gmr 1 was so broken.

also you are making gmr3, but you dont even know how to setup a perp server?

Perp is a disaster so it’s bloody hell to set up at times.

I don’t even know why you would set it up in the first place.

In most peoples books Perp is popular as fuck and will get them a playerbase.

New perp servers will 90% of the time fail.

By GMR3 Do you mean fixing GMR2 and then just renaming it or…