Garry's Mod Racing League Idea

Hello, everyone. 8D My name is Jay. Recently I have begun thinking of starting a Garrys Mod racing league. I am a big fan of NASCAR and racing, and as I downloaded a racetrack map from the addons, I found that it would be fun to race around some of these with a reasonable collection of people. From there, I began thinking of having a points system, a Youtube channel to upload races to, and my imagination got the best of me. Because of this, I came here to the Facepunch forums as to see if anyone would be interested in something like this.

My idea is to find a car addon that handles reasonably and comes in multiple shades, so that all the drivers can use it yet still differentiate each other. We could have a set of tracks that we visit, for I assume there are many Gmod racing tracks out there, and we could have a simple points system where the position you finish gives you a certain amount of points, and the highest amount of points wins.

The car we pick will have to be able to get damaged and run on gas for it to be realistic enough, so I’d say something from SCar.

Finally, we could do something where we have one or two people record the races and a commentator to announce the race and–…I am getting ahead of myself.

All in all, crazier things have happened. Is there anybody out there who thinks of this as interesting and would maybe want to sign up for it? c: I’ll take criticism on how this will not work, though I do not appreciate blind flaming. Thank you for reading, and I will be watching this topic for responses~


Ok idea but require alot scripting

An ideas guy! How familiar.

Even though this is stealing and I will never do it, even if I did, I’ll never realease it without permission.

You could mash up Scars(edit it 25%-50%), Gmod Racer 2(or 1 if its the case, and probably change a few codes if needed), Sharpeye (Wah? I say this to add motion blur that doesnt flicker if your fps is slow with ‘mat_motion_blur_foward_enabled’ on and sweet camera movement, though it may look funny), custom scar speedometers.

Even though this may cause a crap load of conflictions, I believe it is possible but it really copying so therefor a lot of asking is needed for most.

Hey, I really appreciate your idea of having a racing league in GMod. A few months/years ago I planned a similiar thing but gave up after a certain time because I had no time to learn coding and didn’t even know if there was anyone who would be interested in a GMod league as well as me.
So how is it going? Is your idea after alomst 8 years still relevant? Or did you already manage to create a league? Respond if you want, you would get my support :slight_smile: