Garry's mod ragdoll help


Im not new to Gmod or anything but i dont know how you can pose your ragdoll (like it was frozen/welded) and then still have physics like he can get shot.

I dont promote any views on vids just for my own sake but for an example,

at 7:58 in this video

How did he got the Engineer to fall on the ground while he was posed?.

I bet there’s a obvious tool for this or something but this will help me in machinimas.

Oh and that’s not my video, its kitty0706’s video.

Statue tool. It’s in the same category as Face Poser/Inflator/Etc.

No not that. The arms and legs flys like it would have physics.


Sleep 'n Wake tool I guess

Thats for npcs, doofus. The guy did it with engy.

sv_Cheats 1. Phys_timescale .05 and then you can just do it in slow mo.

Wrong, Sleep ‘N’ Wake is for ragdolls aswell


Alright, i’m going to check it out.

Thanks for the help guys.

Problem solved, this thread will die any day now.

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