Garry's Mod Rare Problem

My Garry’s Mod have a strange eyes but they used to be normal before
here’s screenshot TF2 models and HL2

Please, help me out !
GPU Specifications
Tried reinstalling and messing around with console commands but don’t know where to look :slight_smile:
Reinstalling didn’t solve anything , that texture error still exist

Ask me about any helpful information you might need

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Holy shit that’s fucking creepy

Well for one you uhh… Could verify game caches… Uhm…

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Maybe this might help a bit?

If not :frowning:

I tryed…

thats fucking creepy…
as the guy above me said, verify game caches and if that doesnt work… wait what is your graphics card? just wondering since sometimes with certain video cards the graphics do strange things. like my css guns have giant black rips across them because of my graphics card

my graphic card is Nvidia GTS450

Did all the troubleshooting procedures nothing worked…


I think it is something with your GPU. Is this happening in all maps or just that one?
Try to do some -dxlevel, and find the right number.

Tried all dxlevels nothing worked . Hmm seems like video drivers are outdated :\ maybe that will work

I know how to fix that!!!.. call an exorcist…:pwn:

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Oh god, if that happened to me I would jump out of my chair the first time I saw it.

I don’t know what else to say other than that it’s most likely your graphics card.

Did everything nothing works…
Could you guys tell me which .gcf files Garry’s Mod uses?


I want this problem, well not really a problem if you want it.

Maybe some of your files are corrupted? or maybe one of the add ons you downloaded are not capable with certain models.


Check LOD in the options in the Q menu. Or decals. I know that eyes get screvy with LOD.

Wait a minute… Your models look to good to be LODded well your game might be screvy.

Damn it banging my head against the table for 1 month didn’t help that much

Tried disabling steam cloud + autoconfig, no change
Tried finishing downloading counter-strike source, no change
Typed out +mat_texture_list and messed a little with Kleiner’s eye texture by clicking – or + got(Changes MIP) it to work temporary . After some -autoconfigs in hope to remove those glass like eyes for tf2 models, black eyes came back and that command now crashes gmod…
In conclusion it has to do with textures of ragdolls, I need serious help from people who have a lot of knowledge in it . Sorry for bumping this thread, I need help to fix my game :expressionless:

They’re demented.

Try uninstalling the game, then delete your first garrysmod/ folder and reinstall.
Also, have you played any of the games that you own that are compatible with Garry’s Mod?

As I stated in the update it’s something wrong with textures .
Edit:I changed all my GPU settings (In Control Panel) to high quality and used -autoconfig
If you need my settings just ask :slight_smile:
Problem solved!
Went on hardcore troubleshooting rampage and forgot about the basics! :slight_smile: