Garry's mod : Real Time Settler

Hello everybody. Many of you who play Fallout 3 and Fallout New vegas using mods are familiar with this very popular mod on the Fallout Nexus mod site. Real Time Settler is a mod where in fallout NV and F3 you could start a community by building things like shacks, shops, and armoires. Then you could get a community of npcs living in your little village. You spend time protecting them and expanding your community to greater height’s. Soon you have robots and the such defending your huge city. Anyways my request would be if someone could make a game mode where its RTS for gmod. You build shacks and set up defenses such as rebels against invading metro cops. And the citizens who join your town have jobs such as sweeping and such. I think this could be real popular among rp servers and such. Plus it would be kinda fun to be able to set up citizens in places like city 18 to give the city more alive feeling. Thanks.

Good luck!

I recall a WIP thread being posted, where someone was making just such a mod, except it was more Godmode-RTS styled (where the player’s camera would be in a noclip like state, as opposed to the fallout mods where you, the player, are yourself).