Garry's Mod recorder

Ok, i’m looking for a good screen recorder(besides source recorder) to make machinima’s. any ideas?

…Source Recorder for life.
Every recorder that is free, sucks. Only paid/cracked ones are decent. I prefer Fraps/Sony Vegas/Camtasia imo.

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source recorder kinda takes to long to make a 4 second clip.

Wegame is pretty good.

I’ve never used it, how is it? Are there watermarks?

…you can always try ManyCam, dunno if it records though

Yeah i heard about that to, but dont you have to like, sign up or something?

I heard Fraps was better than Wegame.

i used wegame its pretty good but it doesnt record the sound good

okayy, so every free recorder sucks, but the only free one people agree is good you’ve never tried. Why not actually try things before making massive generalizations?

Most free recorders have watermarks and stuff on the recordings.
I use a cracked version of fraps, works miracles.
The only downside? Sometimes it records sound in a bad way (don’t know why yet), and it seems to malfunction in Synergy.

(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - SteveUK))

Xfire uses Source Recorder, but it associates hotkeys to it, making it easier, at least for me.

I’d say go with Fraps.

Use a different hard drive to write the recorded video data to. A completely separate one.

This. Fraps makes HUUUUGE video files.