Garry's Mod Remove Model Single Bone Location (Similar to Proportions Method) (CaptainBigButt look please)

Hey guys! CaptainBigButt’s Method made a lot of sense in proportionalizing a parry’s mod model by writing a script in the QC that subtracted a modified skeleton and the “ragdoll” skeleton. (pretty paraphrased). However I was wondering if there was a way to achieve something else: In all of the Male Model animations the HAND BONE is saved by LOCATION in the animations. Is there a way to remove the LOCATION data from ALL the male animations similar to the Proportions method with a line in the QC FILE?

Can this be done, or is there a way to remove the Animation from ALL the animations and compile a custom animation for all of the males animations?

I basically want to achieve better models and I finally found out what has been making certain bones look weird. The Males model has a ridiculously long animated arm while the female model is much less dramatic. I just want the saved animation keyframes of the Location pos of the Hand Bone (or other designated bones, perhaps rotation) to be subtracted from the QC. Can anyone figure this out?

CaptainBiggButttt are you out there still? Think you can solve this similar to your proportions?

(Also I use blender)
Otherwise is there a way to import the animations into blender and then mass edit them, then export by chance?

It works exactly the same way. A sequence in source basically tells the model where the bones are and what rotations they have for each frame of the animation. The adjustment animation basically runs a sequence over all other sequences that runs with parameters which tell each sequence to take the bones from [reference.smd] and to move them based on [proportions.smd]'s distance. In other words, you just take the arms and move them the way you want, then use the skeleton you modified as your adjustment animation. I don’t use blender so I can’t really provide the specifics.

Speak of the devil :P! and <3 thanks!

I guess it’s pretty much the proportions method anyways haha! I didn’t realize that. I still need to figure out a way to get the method to work properly so I can properly test with it. So I guess my question is, how do I remove the reference.smd’s bone locations for HAND in the proportions.smd? Because it isn’t just rotation, you know?

the hand bone is moved based on location and rotation, I guess I’m just confused on how I would save the proportions.smd to “overwrite” the reference.smd’s locations in all its animations for the “hand bone”!

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Also just a quick question, which one has the mesh bound to it, proportions?

You can name the files whatever you want, I just never really came up with fancy names for them because I wasn’t expecting it to work back when I was messing with it. Anyway, reference.smd contains the old skeleton with the same rotations as your new skeleton if you make any changes to it. Be sure to replace this since the one with the files I uploaded is for the female skeleton. The proportions.smd contains your modified skeleton. Neither of these really need a mesh. If you’re referencing the QC files I uploaded for all of this as well then they’re in the references folder.

I posted on your tumblr, but I’ve been gone for almost 2-3 months, still stuck on the proportions methods. I’ve tried downloading your files and learning from them but yet, I still cannot get it to work. Would it be possible to request a tutorial from you? Perhaps a video with slight explanation? I’m sorry to keep pestering you about this, but I cannot get it to work. the a_proportions on your newest models imports to blender unorganized and scattered/crushed (not a skeleton). So trying to make sense of it is really hard. Any tips or leads?

Tutorial would be great!