Garry's mod rises

Update: More rain added

Old one

Source of inspiration

Comments are welcome.

Nice work!

Mmmm… Tacticool Rising.

The posing looks a little awkward, but I really like the rain.

Not enough rainfall relative to how much water appears to be bouncing off of the soldier… makes it look kind of awkward.

Fixed the rain :smiley:
Looks better now ?

Much better.

My problem with your version is that it looks really flat. If you look at the poster, there’s a huge deal of depth.

How do I add depth ?

I think he means the effects. The lighting is drab as opposed to the actual poster, in which one side is brightly lit, the other dark, along with the fact that there are chunks of what appears to be dirt or rubble in the sky near Batman.

Look at the background transitions.

In the original picture it’s not entire gradual, but you essentially have a rimlight and shadowing on the edges.

Yours has a gradual transition from black to white to black again.

Then there’s a lot of the debris with the same thing.

Same thing with the rain.

You have essentially one layer. The original picture has roughly four and each one is further back.

Here’s maybe a decent example of what I mean

Sorry for not having anything bigger.

Things that could have been made a bit better:

-The direction of the rain and the direction of the splash it makes on his arms just does not match up, I’m sure you’ll get what I mean if you look at it.
-The text spacing is a little off from the original poster
-On the poster, “Garrys Mod Rises” should be “Garry’s Mod Rises” (how it is in your thread title)
-As wraithcat said, there is a certain amount of depth in the original poster which isn’t really reflected in your version. Think about the difference between textures with tessellation and those without. A nice model which has some good depth to it is the Crysis model. I would look at that for reference.

Phew, well, in terms of things that I think were made well:

Everything else! Good job!
Hopefully I didn’t dishearten you with that list, I was just trying to be as honest as possible so you can correct your mistakes. You’re a great editor! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep in mind what I said.