Garry's Mod Roleplay - Then and Now

Through my years of roleplaying in Garry’s Mod, I have seen it evolve into what it is today. Take a look at Garry’s Mod roleplay servers, what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see: DarkRP and OpenAura.

Now let’s be serious, these are the only two gamemodes that are being used for RP servers, aren’t they? The reason I don’t like OpenAura is that its author is full of crap, it’s pretty much a TacoScript/Epidemic ripoff and the gamemode itself is buggy as hell. The only reason that people use it is because it looks fancy.
That’s another thing: somewhere along the line it stopped being about roleplay, and started being about who had the fanciest gamemode. Roleplay is about character and story development, people, it only needs some very basic aspects of a gamemode supporting it. OpenAura for example, restricts the roleplay rather than supporting it…
E-drama… It has brought down every roleplay community I have ever been in. What’s the matter with people, anyway? It’s roleplay! It’s meant to be fun! You’re not meant to fight over it.
I find myself roleplaying a lot less on GMod servers nowadays, not because Garry’s Mod roleplay is “dead”, but because it has changed. Either we see crappy DarkRP servers with people that can’t RP what so ever, or we see elitist OpenAura servers that restricts the RP way too much…

I miss hl2dm RP, so much simpler and better IMO

lol gmod rp

that ship sailed years ago

it’s just the rotting corpse that remains


Then: “Hello, sir, may I purchase a waffle?”
Now: “FUCKING NOOBZ I R 1337 HAX0RZ” nukes waffle shop

Then: “I’d like to purchase this property.”
Now: “FUCK YOU” RDMs half the server

Then: Roleplay
Now: Minge Deathmatch

This fact has been discussed alot of times, and we all concluded that GMod RP is dead or impossible to be brought back to a good state, I remember actually enjoying it when I hosted Exos’s DarkRP server with you Jocken, that was funny, not that RPish, but it was playable and enjoyable though, now it’s only either hacks and guns or super serious RP.

Exos’ DarkRP server was indeed fun, but yeah, it wasn’t really RP. I wouldn’t say that it’s dead though, I’d say that it has just taken a turn for the worse.

I’m gonna make a DM server out of cider two probably, if I do I hope it attracts all of the minges :3. Not gonna put much time into it though.

Cider is horribly outdated and probably unstable. But if you want a mingy environment like you described then go ahead.

He said that he was turning Cider TWO into a DM server. See, kuro made a sequel to Cider (a schema for OpenAura that he’s selling).

I agree with you, nowadays people need a damn feature or script to do something.
“Does your character have telekinetic abilities? No, because there is no a script for it.”