Garry's Mod running as slow as possible

For some reason, since using GMOD yesterday, I started it up today to have it run at a slow pace. Takes many seconds to even click anything or get a new window open and this is just the main window and not the actual game. Anyone know what is up?

All I did yesterday was add a few models that worked fine and I did a refresh of the cache. At the moment, GMOD is totally unusable.

Also other Steam games play fine along with non-Steam ones.

Are you running it in windowed mode?

Nope. Full screen.

I have the same problem, I restarted my computer, deleted local content and reinstalled. Still nothing.

My brother is having the exact same problem, any ideas?

I just tried to get that pill thing to work before this shit happened and it’s just BOOM slow.

I am having the same problem.

I randomly received a large drop in FPS, I cant even play it anymore. Just getting the map select takes forever.

Reinstalled 4 times and I have the latest drivers.

Just make sure you have at least 512MB ram and a 2.0GHZ processor, or the game WILL be slow.

And i think this game can’t run now on minimally problematic systems, try a system and cache defrag, then a restart, and try gmod again.

Delete your addons, worked for me

I got the same problem, i tried everything and still dont work…
Yesterday i installed addons but everything was working fine. When i opened GMOD this morning everything was slow, it takes like 40 seconds to choose a map…help :S

Dear God, I started getting this last night too. Gmod is completely unusable, the menus take forever, and anything in-game is impossible. Deleted my addons folder, verified twice, and working on a re-install, It’s not making a difference so far.

EDIT: The re-install did nothing, same issue, menus slow to respond to anything, and the game is unplayable.

I did a system Defrag and then restarted my computer.

I was able to run it fine.

Then I tried running Gmod again and it was slow again.

I cant do a defrag every time I want to play Gmod.

This is totally irrelevant. All of us here had been able to play the game just fine previously. In my brothers case, we had been playing for weeks together just fine. Our machines are core2due e6600, 2gb ddr2 800, 8800gts 640mb… so that is hardly an issue.

Something is just now causing this issue for a number of people, we need a solution.

I’ve got the same problem in Gmod and HL2Ep2. Sucks because you can’t play the game like this.

Wow, can’t believe so many people are having the same issues. Anyone know what to do about this? I got comics to make and it’s just impossible to do right now.

Sorry man, looks like this is going on with all the games running the Orange Box release of the Source engine.

One POSSIBLE help that I found poking around is before starting the game, kill nSvcAppFlt.exe in the task manager. Your framerate will be absolute CRAP, but at least you don’t get a weird delay anymore.

MAJOR EDIT!: After starting up TF2 and just letting it sit at the title screen for 4-6 minutes, the issue just seems to have disapeared. I’m going to see if this works for Gmod too.

ISSUE SOLVED! Opening the game to the title screen and letting the game sit for 6 minutes eliminated the issue. I suggest that anyone with the same issue do this until Valve officially fixes it.

I’ll Try to leave it on for like 10 minutes see if that’s a liable solution.

I tried to wait and it works, thx roboleader :).

Thanks Roboleader.

Works perfectly after about 6 minutes.

Drat, I’m getting this too, and am suspecting the update I got this morning. I’ll try leaving Gmod idle for a while and see if that works.