Garry's Mod running as slow as possible

What Roboleader suggested does work, however it’s a pain in the ass to have to leave the game for a while before playing it.

lemming is right, it is a pain, I can wait but is there another option?

I thought i was the only person with this problem, i also tried to re-install, delete add-ons etc. nothing helped, I’m going to start up Garry’s Mod now to see if the waiting works for me too.

Also, if you manage to get to the server-browser, The lag is gone. Worked for atleast

I had the same problem but I got the game running fine by disabling my wireless card.

Have this problem, been playing the game for about a year now with no problems. I tried updating my video drivers, deleting addons, restarting, everything. I’m going to try waiting, see if that works.

Waiting works, but it’s annoying.

Loading the server list works fine for me, just wait for the first few servers to update then it should run smoothly.

I had this problem and this worked for me. Hit Ctrl Alt Delete, go to processes and end “nSvcAppFlt.exe” Then try it. Do this before you start the game. Although it does work, Garry’s Mod will randomly lag really bad or when i have like 30 or 40 props. And I have an 8800 GTX so it’s not my computer. Hope it helps.

Well I am also having the same problem with Garry’s mod [lagging in game for 5- 10 mi before running fine] but I have also noticed that half life 2 episode 2 also has the same problem and annoying solution… so I’m guessing it’s something to do with the ep2 engine. I have also tried reinstalling Garry’s mod and ep2 but still the problem.

So I was wondering dose anyone else get this problem in episode 2 as well? And i suppose if you fix episode 2 you fix Garry’s mod as it uses the same engine [I think.

I’m also thinking about reinstalling steam but I’m wondering and hoping there will be a patch instead.

I have the same problem with my game being incredibly slow, and I’m going to wait as this seems to help. Six minutes really isn’t a big fucking deal.

EDIT- Works perfectly. Just be patient.

Not trying to flame here but god, you guys are kinda stupid, the game needs time to intialize after loading up! say when you get up early do you have to sit still or stretch? that’s kinda what the game is doing! it needs time! be patient

I am sorry but that is a really dumb answer as the game did work with no lag at all but all the sudden this happened so all the “initialize” stuff is a load of lies. Also why should we have to pay for something that doesn’t work properly and even if it is just 6 minutes why should I have to wait when it’s not my fault and a complete pain in the arse.

i think 693 ppl have the lag it is two thig’s frist you download too mucht+you download pron secend you have un bad pc + you download too much for addons

It could be about downloading and installing certain stuff. But that would not explain why it lags on a clean version of Garry’s mod or episode 2.

yeah your rhigt

I have this same problem. And i see this message in console when the i open gmod10: SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 420 - (dependency 1 (312))
SteamMountFilesystem(6024,312,0x1949fc74=,0x1949fd74) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are available

and: SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 400 - (dependency 1 (312))
SteamMountFilesystem(6024,312,0x1949fc74=,0x1949fd74) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are available

and this comes last : SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 440 - (dependency 0 (312))
SteamMountFilesystem(6024,312,0x1949fc74=,0x1949fd74) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are available

I got good specs on my pc and gmod worked fine for like 2 months and all sudden this happens. Tried re-installing, deleting addons, logging steam, and then the kill “nSvcAppFlt.exe” works but i cant be assed to kill it everytime i try to play gmod10 :s Help!

LISTEN! the game most likely is having to deal with every damn addon THEREFORE it needs to load all the stuff before it runs smoothly like when you DL a big pack it lags when initalizing the spawn icons when it’s at the “LOADING” screen it just loads the core game data , the more you download the more this data gets modified it cuases longer load times and puts more strain on your system END OF. (not intended to flame)

Drsalvador you’re completely wrong because like I said before it lags on a clean version of Garry’s mod and is nothing to do with system strain. As well I also get those error messages in the console. I have also noticed that at the end of the “laggy start” it says “you have connected to the steam community” at the bottom right. Then if you do bring up the overlay it says “no connection could be made to the steam master sever”.
Well something like that anyway, so i don’t really know what that means is it lagging all that time just to connect to the Steam master severs?

1.7 works with the right graphics card.


Is this happening on a laptop or a stationary?
Vista or xp?
Specs? No?

It could be due to hardware.

This is what I am running:
“AMD Athlon duel core 2.2Ghz 4200”
“Nvidia 8800GTX”
“2GB of ddr2”
“ASUS Crosshair motherboard”
“Windows xp sp2 32bit”

And yer it’s a desktop Pc.