Garry's Mod Running playable on a non-compatable computer!?

I have a Dell Latitude D620 Laptop.
It’s Specs say it’s not capable at all of running Garry’s Mod.
Yet I can play it, save for some problems with explosions and blood. (Causes GPU Related BSOD.)

I started messing around with the game itself, and my computer’s setup. Determined to play the game after my Toshiba Satellite ($1400 Laptop) died.

I currently run the game at 60 FPS at times, with a memory leak that lasts a few seconds. (Lowering FPS to 5.)

It’s falling apart, the laptop itself. Brackets that hold the screen up are broken in half from falls. Some keys don’t work right. Hard Drive was replaced. More RAM Was added. (3GB total.) The GPU is damaged slightly, so the screen screws up at times due to loose connections to the screen.

Long story short; This is a piece of shit that doesn’t even properly work.

Can’t play anything but Freebuilds and on Flatgrass or Construct.

But even the fact that it’s working at all in the first place is insane.

So I wondered if anybody else on Facepunch was running Garry’s Mod with a computer under spec?

Or am I just really really really really—stupid and this piece of shit is actually up to spec for GMod?

You crash whenever there’s blood or explosions, and can’t play anything else than basic maps. Your PC is not up to spec.

meh set everything EVERYTHING to low bare basics, my laptop is marginaly compatable itself, my old one had better grafix but slower processer so it crashed more and was slower. this ones just a temp till i buy another one

Wow, you do know that the minimum system requirements are just recommendations right? Any computer can run any game, the question is if they have the hardware to run it well. (At a playable framerate for example)

You can play, Just not the good stuff.

And I thought running a E4300 and a 7300LE was harsh

Er, no. If you write your game to only support dx8.0 and upwards, people who are using a dxlevel of less than that will crash when you use dx8.0 features - seen as they don’t exist for them (Unless you make allowances for that which is a waste of time.)