Garry's Mod running slower on my highest spec'd machine, but fine on the lower one..

Alright so i’m confused out of my mind. Running GMod on my iMac with and i3 and 4GB Ram (27inch) runs great. And in the video preferences it recommends 8x for the antialias etc. What I mean by running great is having huge loads of NPC’s. On the iMac I can get about 35 no lag.

Now on my new Macbook Pro Retina, it recommends 2X… I tried changing up the resolutions everyway, doesn’t seem to work. I tried believe me. So anyways, it runs great until I put like 25 NPC’s out… it LAGS… And my specs for this are an 2.7 GHz i7 with 16GB Ram and 1GB Nvidia videocard… now PLEASE explain to me what the f is going on? Is it because GMod 13 hasn’t updated to support the Retina MacBooks or…

Please help. :confused:

The Retina display takes a lot more toll on your video card with it’s high resolution. the rendering budget is just so much higher to make the image that large. Nothing you can really do except trying recommended settings, Your AA shouldn’t really be that high with dense ppi

Oh, so it doesn’t matter what resolution I set it at? I mean it’s technically using less pixels but I understand your point. I’ll try and use my iMac as an external display and see if it changes anything. Thanks for your answer.

No, resolution matters quite a bit. Graphics performance tends to scale just about linearly to resolution.

The Macbook would be running at 2880x1800, while the iMac is just 2560x1440. So, given the exact same processing power, the Macbook would run at about 70% the framerate ((25601440)/(28801800)~=0.7).

However, you don’t have the exact same processing power in each. The Macbook you have, from what I can look up, uses a Core i7-3740QM, and a GeForce 650M. The iMac would probably be the Core i3-550 and a Radeon HD 5670. So while your Macbook’s CPU is a lot better, the graphics might not be - honestly, I don’t know how to compare an AMD desktop card to an Nvidia laptop card, except by looking at benchmarks, but I’d venture a guess that the Radeon is a better card as far as per-pixel performance goes.

So the weaker hardware would have to push more pixels. This would obviously lead to worse performance.

However, you’re complaining about things happening when you spawn many NPCs. They don’t take up much of a graphics workload (no more than ragdolls, really) but they hit the CPU a lot harder. Unless there’s a configuration issue (GMod being locked to a single core, perhaps?), that shouldn’t act the way you say it is.

Now what might also be the issue is OS. Are you running Windows on either? You really ought to for gaming - I see a significant difference in performance on my Mac Pro when I switch between operating systems.

Let me start off by saying I love your information. I’m not running windows but i’ve been planning on it, I just don’t have a disk drive… I’ll try to use a usb to do the installation.

So what you’re saying is there’s nothing I can do? It’s not stuck on single core either, multicore rendering is enabled.

This is really stupid how they didn’t include at least 2GB for the video card.

Multicore rendering doesnt work at the moment.

Before we start trying to blame Apple for picking crappy graphics, let’s at least make sure this is actually a graphics problem. You said this happens when you spawn large numbers of NPCs. NPCs put load on both the CPU and the GPU, but if either is too weak for the task, it starts stuttering. Try spawning a similar number of plain ragdolls using the same model (and don’t do any physics stuff with them - just set them on the floor). Does it still lag? If so, the problem is most likely GPU-side, perhaps some buffer that’s poorly sized for such a high screen resolution. If not, the problem is likely CPU-side, as stationary ragdolls only put significant load on the GPU.

By the way, there’s a difference between “multi-core” and “multi-core rendering”. Multi-core rendering just starts multiple threads that can send instructions to the GPU, telling it what to draw. Even with that disabled, you’ll still have multiple threads running for audio and physics and such. What I suspect is happening is that the entire GMod program is being locked to a single-core, either by OS X thinking GMod has issues with multiple cores, or GMod itself being misconfigured to request all threads be run on a single core.

Another potential issue is heat. If your CPU or GPU is overheating on the Macbook, it would start to lower its clock speed to try to reduce heat. Used to be a problem for me on my last laptop, until I cleaned the dust out of the vents. And Apple computers are pretty notorious for poor cooling.

Well I can confirm it’s not a problem with the GPU… I can get like 90-100 ragdolls and it runs fine… Until I move them over eachother and interact them in piles then it lags really bad but that’s understandable I guess. But with that many ragdolls out the game still runs fine. And Mike Tyson here just said that multicore rendering is disabled supposedly. I’m thinking this is a CPU issue.