Garrys mod sand rail

Hey guys im building a sand rail what kind of engine would be the best to climb hills and everything? (One that will produce a lot of torque) Slapper v4? Straight 6?



2 Cylinder Engine

A maritime 24-cylinder diesel. With electric motors.

try an engine powered engine boat powered slapper v7

Build a steam engine.

39.88 liter V12. A goddamn MAN’s engine!! GOGOGO!

no a boxer-twin should be enough for a sandrail. a 2cyl double-acting with agood timing system is usually enough for me.
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explosive powered v12


V8 powered by applytorqe

Might as well just make the crankshaft turn and you’ll not even have to worry about timing, it’ll work better and nobody will notice anything.

that’s the joke? :v:

My personal favorite is a boxer 6, but the V8 is probably more balanced.

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He’s saying you should make an engine out of boxes :eng101:

Yep, there’s plenty of boxes lying around…

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Also, B12.

I think by now he’s probably made the sandrail…