Garry's Mod: Sandbox Universe


I was wondering if there is a mod or map that is like EVE’s universe? Big and huge so it takes time to go to someones planet and for having real use for the stargates and lots of room for big ships.


The best thing you have are the old spacebuild maps.

Bigger, and the source engine cant handle it.

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And don’t sign your posts.

Well, that’s a shame. Their is no point in making awesome ships and stuff if the available maps are too small to allow the ships to move around.

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about…

Who are you refering to?

The eve ship models are like 1/16th the size of what they appear to be. The map isn’t big it all it’s the ships that are smaller. If you take a look at sunrise mod for gmod they accomplish that. One last thing is don’t add a sig to your post either we don’t have those here.

Don’t you get what I mean? I only mentioned EVE because it has alot of room to move around, and I wan’t that same big space in Garry’s Mod.

The limits of the engine running gmod don’t allow for that. I completely understand what you mean. But I’m just clarifying as well that what EVE does is just a camera trick and the map isn’t big like that.

Can that be accomplished by doing that “camera trick” in Garry’s Mod aswell?

Yes but that requires coding and modeling if you know how to do it. There is no way to do what you are trying to do in gmod or it would crash the game on you.

What is that thing you just linked?

That’s the camera trick I’m talking about. But you can’t get bigger maps than the spacebuild maps the guy above was talking about.

So there are small Gmod maps out there with this camera trick? Are they like EVE?

What actually happened to Divinity 2? I can’t find the thread anywhere.

Also, what ycap is trying to say is that because of the map size limitation in games. Such as GarrysMod you can do tricks to make the world appear larger.

If you get a glass and put an ice cub in and pretend the ice cube is the ship. The ice cube can’t really move around much.
However if you could shrink the icecub by 95% then the icecube would have a gigantic universe to explore…

Ugh, that was the worst explanation I’ve ever done.

Yes, but i get your point! This thing you and ycap is talking about would satisfy my need for a large map.

Spacebuild and Gyropods :slight_smile:

Too small. :slight_smile:

I was referring to you. Did you even bother to PLAY spacebuild? There is plenty of enough room for about 20 big ships.

You are SO off it is not even funny. It is completely possible If he just wants ships, then just have ships. This way you can shrink the models… OR build custom ones that are really small. The player would have to be coded to spectate the entity, and any key inputs should be overridden to move the entity itself.

No. Actually that wasn’t off at all you just went into more detail. He wanted normal sized ships with bigger maps.

“Normal” is a relative term. Shrink everything… and it is normal.

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And a game does not “Crash” simply by playing it.