Garry's mod saying files don't exist

For a while now I’ve had strange issues when working with lua. Occasionally, for no apparent reason, I’ll get errors when including files saying that the file doesn’t exist, without any noticeable pattern of what it chooses to include and not include. Finally, today I got so frustrated that I uninstalled garry’s mod and removed all of the local content. Still, the issue persisted.

I would love to give more information about the issue, but I’m not really sure what information to give since it was a fresh install of gmod. If it helps at all, I made a video demonstrating what is going on:

Same problem, except I don’t even have spawnlists or mounted games now. Everything is “disabled”.

I’m wondering if the file system is actually reporting that the file doesn’t exist? The files are running off my WD RE4 (D:) drive that is decryped through truecrypt. Any similarities between our systems? I see that you’re also running windows 7.

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The one thing I’ve noticed is that the file names always contain an underscore originally, but the issue persists even if I change the name later or even delete the file and copy over the contents to a new file. The only way I’ve gotten around it is by placing the code directly into the lua file it is being included into, but that doesn’t help when something like cl_init.lua isn’t being recognized.