Garry's mod screen black, even after computer restart

Have played garry’s mod on my home desktop a lot, played single player on a couple maps, then try gm_construct screen goes black but I can hear sounds like the game is working properly. Try alt tabbing, ctrl-alt-del, windows button, and it all sounded like it was working but the screen was just black, save that it would grow the tiniest bit darker when alt tabbing back to gmod and the tiniest bit lighter when going back to desktop. Try turning off computer from the manual button, turn back on and it’s still black, still hear the boot-up tones that windows does, but I’ve turned it on and off several times and still nothing. Tried monitor on other machines, works fine.

Windows 10, latest version of Gmod, but I don’t know any of my other information off hand and I can’t reach it because it’s pitch black.

Would really appreciate some help on this one, thanks.

This is what I found in other forums & steam topics.
Here we go,

try running it in borderless windowed mode,
just right click gmod in the library
click properties and then click set launch options,
type this exactly “-windowed -noborder” without the "'s
then exit it all and click play
gmod should now be running in borderless windowed mode and the black screen should not be there.

Try updating your graphic card.

I fixed it by setting the width and height to 800x600, then going in the menu and changing the resolution back up again. But wow, a smaller resolution really skyrockets the FPS.

I suggest you to try updating your graphic card or at least trying with windowed borderless version.