Garry's Mod Script Showcase - A video series hosted on YouTube

Awhile back I’ve gotten the idea to start a script showcase/review series for scripts publicly released for Garry’s Mod. This will include a wide variety of scripts free and paid, lua and C++ etc…
I’ve just started making the series right now and based upon the community’s input will determine the direction of where the series will head. Just starting out I know I probably have some flaws or improvements
that will need to be made, so constructive criticism is welcome. Videos are done by me and scripts that are picked are based upon my own budget to purchase scripts, find great free scripts, or other opportunities.

As a student in university I will try to make the time for this as much as I can. I’m not sure where this will go but lets see if it gets somewhere. Videos will consist of quick showcases of a script or multiple scripts in around a 1080p HD 60fps setting. Thats the standard for now. I will update this topic to keep track of the list of videos and update it with newly released videos as they are uploaded.

Episode List

#1: Civs - Wandering NPCs

What an honor! :slight_smile:

I’ll be adding a link to this video to my script description. I like how you covered installation, configuration, and support instead of just the gameplay. These are things that you don’t really see until after you buy the script.

Nice video, excited to see what is to come!

I like the idea, definitely keeping an eye on this