Garry's Mod seat problem

I spawn a seat from the vehicles. And then i use it for awhile. Then suddenly i get that glitchy look, like when theres no skybox in the map. then my game freezes. Then Exits…

Well, I’m having that same problem. It never really did it before, so I decided to really not bother to find a fix. But now, recently, it just does it all the time.

Try to reinstall it.

Its a fresh install. It worked fine b4 garry came out with the update. I had no problems b4, Untill now.

Sorry man, then i have no clue what it is. Maby you could google it.

oh right, thanks anyways guys…

I’m having this same problem, I couldn’t find any other thread like this. But this is exactly my problem. What happens basically is that I’ll be doing whatever, it can be anything, and I’ll get into a seat, (and it occurs completely randomly), and then my screen will look fine, but when I attempt to move my mouse and look around nothing happens. I exit the vehicle and my screen is black, as if I no-clipped out of the sky box. Then I’m basically blind. I can kill myself and respawn and my screen is still jacked up. I have to disconnect, and if I’m in singleplayer I lose anything I didn’t save. It’s very odd.

Graphics, Gmod client, many different causes.

It makes me sad. Why!?!?! Why does it do that?