Garry's mod server 3D2D textscreen problem

So I have an RP server and a problem. I put down alot of textscreens, which I permaprop. Sometimes I replace them and permaprop the new ones. When i then restart the server it dupes and puts the old textscreen on top of the new one. I have tried removing ut by the context menu but it still shows up after restart. How do i fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

If you’re using then it already comes with a “permaprop” feature. Read the

I believe in order to remove a “permaprop,” you have to right click it with the tool (or press r, not too sure). Then restart your server.

I think there is an addon to remove world props in the workshop you could use that.

The one from the workshop also has that feature. You need to right click the textscreen in the context menu and you will see something to make it permanent.

I’ve done that, right clicking and pressing remove