Garry's Mod Server Addon issue

Well, I have a problem with a select few addons… I add them to my garrysmod/addons folder in the server folder, and start my server. The addons download fine on my end but my friend sees them as errors and I’m guessing that they didn’t download. I installed them all correctly, is there a way to force download them?

That’s how you force the downloads.
You create a file in /lua/autorun/server/ named forcedownload.lua or icantthinkofaname.lua, and add one line for all files you want to force download.
You could also use this tool to generate that file for you. However, you need all the files that the server has, and if you are going to put through big files, such as carpacks, I’d recommend a FastDL server.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll look into this… and also, I tried to look for a tutorial on FastDL, I couldn’t find one. Could you tell me how to use it or link me to a tutorial?

FastDL requires you to have a webhost. Most of the time this requires a lot of bandwith because it may be about 300 mb of files that the user has to download. You have to upload them atleast once, then other people download them. Let say you have 2 addon packs, one with weapons and one with cars. That could easily reach up to 300 mb. If you upload all the models to your FastDL, that’ll cost you 300 mb bandwidth. Then, let say 30 people join your server, 30 x 300 = 9000 mb, + the additional 300 from uploading, you’ll have 9300 mb in -possible, just an example- just a day. So make sure you get a host with unlimited bandwidth.

Then, all the files should be stored like this:
or like this:

Then, set as your fast DL link, or
Then the user will download the files, but only if you added the files using the tool I just linked you or by doing it yourself.