Garrys Mod Server are Laggy HELP!

Hey guys, first my english is not the best but i try it ;D if you dont understand a line, ask me.

I have some problems with my garrsy mod server.

  1. The Server need 6 Minutes to Restart
  2. The Server are Laggy
  3. The Server stopped in a round.

Ok, i know the problem is a plugin but i dont know the plugin/addon, can you help me find the wrong plugin?! :smiley:


wiozy killcam
wiozy adv ttt
bf4 scoreboard
bf4 hud
advanced eq menu
end round music
hatschat 2
pointshop extra master
steam group awards

And this collektion:

I hope you can help me, thx guys…Takaishii

Do you get any Lua errors? They usually help to identify the addon that’s causing the problem

Nope no lua errors, i think 2 addons dont work together…

Have you tried temporarily removing all the addons just to check the server isn’t laggy without them?

jap, isnt laggy

Then remove one by one until you find the one that creates lag.

You have quite allot there and if it’s a bad server then you wont be able to cope. It’ll be the more UI intensive things such as the chat box, MOTD, HUD and all the other stuff you have there.

None of those things affect server lag.

what all do you have in lua/autorun? not all addons are in addon folders

Alright, that’s pretty empty. When you were on vanilla was it not slow like that?

are you positive it’s not your host? who do you go through?

Im pretty sure its not my host, i have 4 server and all are laggy if i delete all addons, had no bugs/laggs…

(sorry for my bad english buddys :smiley: )

Then add the addons one by one, you’ve identified the problem, fixing it is just a matter of trial and error slowing adding back the addons until you identify the laggy one

I dont…the problem is…the fcking many addons^^ and i dont want to remove one by one it takes to long

Remove half.
Problem Fixed?
Add half of that half
Problem Still Fixed?
Add half of that half
Problem Still Fixed?
Add half of that half

You’ll eventually find it, or suffer