Garrys Mod Server/Community Startup Idea :D

Hello peoples, I’m looking to startup a Garry’s Mod server/community with some people. I will pay for the hosting and anything else that requires money. The only thing that I lack is the people to do it with. The community that I have in mind will be very professional, but also laid back. I plan for it to span across many gamemodes, if not games. Including: TTT, Deathrun, JailBreak, Murder, DarkRP, and maybe a SRP server. If you’d like to be apart of it please notify me below or pm me. If this gets enough attention I’ll post an application form for you to fill out.

SRP? STALKER Roleplay? :v:

i don’t think posting this on a gmod cheating forum is a good idea

This person has also posted leaked scripts on LeakForums :v:

So what? Leaked scripts are dope.

Jesus Christ.

not a fuck to be given in a forums that he shall get no respect from

The thing that wonders me is why you brows… oh wait
You’re that kid that bragged about his “fast aimbot”

~Please don’t hurt me~


You’re on a forum of, like, half developers and half players.

And he falls into the narrow “idiot” category