Garry's Mod Server Config Generator 2.0

Me and a couple of friends made a server.cfg generator for people that don’t have the file. The reason that I called it 2.0, It’s because someone already made this a year ago, but it was full of spelling mistakes, and the code wasn’t really good. You can find the thread to the old generator here:

You can find the generator here. **(

Known Bugs: - Report bugs in this thread.

The Team:
Knoxed - css design and the html part.
GunfighterJ - php coding
obstipator - helped me doing some css stuff
[myb]flapjack - version 1.0 and the original idea

If you have something to suggest, post in this thread.

Pretty cool, but asking for donations for something like this is rather redundant.

If a server owner doesn’t know how to setup the cfg, they shouldn’t have a server in the first place!


Really nice look/functionality though.

So, you want donations for a ripped CSS design from, which you only changed a bit, and some sub-par PHP code that can generally be done by…well…anyone.

No thanks. While the idea is good, it appears to me you have done nothing but be an “ideas guy.” Put more effort in on your part. Good job to your coder, but that’s the only one who deserves credit and donations. Also, you’re acting like you’re supporting 40,000 users. You can get a basic hosting package from a decent host for about $15 - $20 a month.

For something like that?

try 15-20 a year.

sv_loadingurl should in autoexec.cfg… not server.cfg

You wrote “Copyright” at the bottom yet you took both images and code used on the website which is also copyrighted?

So, you copyrighted some copyrighted content?


is it my headache or does the background image of your page look like the one used here in the facepunch forums?
but probably he didn’t guttenberg (copypasted) it, but he redesigned it maybe. He opened up the original image in an image viewer and made another picture which looks exactly the same.

That’s the stripes, than white plate is really simple to achieve.


Still think it looks exactly the same as the background for this very forum

That is exactly what I was going to point out :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure it is the same:

Although it is a pretty generic stripe, it’s hardly difficult to make.

Why do you guys complain about a 100by100 pic?

I wasn’t saying there was anything wrong with it, just stating it’s the same. Although if you do want a decent background try:

Because said pic was ripped off this very site. I understand that stripes aren’t really anything new or original and anyone can do it, but you should have at least attempted to change the color or at least worked on making it a bit more original in some way. Your entire design was ripped from Facepunch and

In addition to this, he claims he vastly improved the old code and takes a lot of credit. Then he asks for donations.

If you don’t have anything useful to say, then get out of this thread please.

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changed the background.

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And for the design, I won’t change it since, its not the same as

No, you won’t change it because you don’t know how to effectively code your own design.

Don’t post if you don’t want criticism.

I won’t change it because there is no need to, and it is not ripped from