Garry's mod server crashes when "specific" players join

So, there’s a roleplay server, with it’s unique script. It works for mainly everyone (a small playerbase atm), but except me and the other two people. What happens is the server is on with a few players in it, I would join and when it would load up for me up until “Sending client info” this is when I crash the server." Any help would be appreciated, sorry if this is unspecific.

P.S. I posted this again, as no one moved my previous thread to this sub-forum.

As much as I would love to help, I need more info.
This is pretty generalized =\

Would it possible for you to tell me, what exactly?

Do you crash the server or does the server crash you?, apologize but it sounds wierd if YOU can crash a server by joining it.

It’s me that crashes the server and not only me, mostly other people aswell, but not all of them, that try to join the server.

What gamemode are you running.
What operating system.
Do you host from your server or game server host?
Look in the console, what does it say when it crashes.
How many slots. And where is it located.

Nevermind, fixed.

Tell others how do you fix it.

You know sometimes when you have a problem and google it? And then see somebody who had the same problem and then you go and check out the thread and see - nvm. fixed it, lock the thread please.

So basically, if you get the idea of what the issue was (keep in mind I’m just a player, I don’t own or host the server.) all the owner did was reinstall the server, which I’m guessing he just reinstalled everything (obviously).