Garry's mod server crashing.

Hey guys my darkrp server seems to be crashing quite alot.

It usually crashes when it hits the 24hr mark or there are high number of players on the server.

There are also no errors in console.

I’m using these addons:

Dump file:

Thank you.

Uh, okay? We need more info than that

Like what? I will be happy to provide more info if you explain what you need.

Does it always happen around 24 hours? Do you have any MDMP files? Does the server just close?

Ok. So it always happens around the 24hr mark, and yes it causes MDMP files which i including in the post. When the server crashes it restarts automatically.

bump. Server is still crashing.

Ok the host said it crashed with the reason datacache.dll.

Does anyone know what that means?