Garry's Mod Server DarRP can't pickup weapons from shipments


I have a weird problem when i add gun shipments to my addentities.lua. but when a Gundealer buys a shipment the weapon pops out and you can’t pick it up.
this is my addentities.lua:

i have seen other topic with They are floating in the air but they don’t do that. they just come out the shipment and lay on it. and when you destroy the shipment they come out and fall on the ground like a normal shipment.

I have Css installed on my server Here are some pictures:

this is inside my Cstrike picture:

thins i have tried to solve it:

  • Downloaded a new DarkRP.
  • Downloaded CCS again.

Well, a few things off the top of my head.

  1. Check if the model path is correct.
  2. Try using another version of the para, maybe it’s just this one that is broke.

But, a little protip, if you add such heavy weapons to your DarkRP server, expect it to be an RDM mingefest.

I think its because you are using the wrong weapon path. As I see, all of the other weapons are the normal CS ones, and not the mad weapons. Randomly, you put weapon_mad_m249. Did you install the mad weapon pack on your server? If not, that is why.

ehm did not put anyting in my server. maybe is that the problem! i will put it in, thank you! :), btw where do i get that pack?

oke i have now Mad cows weapons in my addon file like this:

but what do i have to put now in my code?

AddCustomShipment("M249", "models/weapons/w_mach_m249para.mdl", "what heree :S?", 6000, 10, false, nil, false, {TEAM_GUN})

Go to MadCows weapons and navigate to the model path you want to use. Then copy it and paste it in the code.

Or just use the default model from CSS, which you can copy from the Spawn Menu.