Garry's mod server dedicated

hey all,

i am making a garry’s mod darkrp server everything went find darkrp on it, admin (ULX) on it etc etc
my friend was able to join (ports are open and still are) and we left for three hours and we came back i did NOT work/do anything in the server when he was gone. but when he came back after 3 hours he couldnt join me he said he got a popup that said:
Server is not responding. i was like wtf and asked my friend he said the same that the server was not responding. i dont know how to fix this so can you guys help me please.


justshootme85 :smiley:

Steam fucks up sometimes and won’t show a server properly. Can he join from console by typing connect serveriphere:25565? If he can’t, it sounds like a problem with his steam/internet, because, as you said, your ports are still open.

I restarted the server and it just works fine again lol
but still thx for ur reply XD