Garrys mod server downloading maps issue

hello I made my own garrys mod server(TTT type)and I have a problem basically people that dont have certain maps they will get “missing map error”. For some reason they cant download it from me. so far I used temporal solution and I made the maps into a pack and players download it straight from the actual workshop but it takes a lot of time and I gotta do each map seperately whenever I feel like adding one. Im a complete newb when it comes to server making.

THe help that I seek is to get this fixed I believe that I didnt do or did something wrong with the FastDL
I dont have problem with programming since I know a bit but I have trouble finding files responsible for some things also its new to me so try to understand me. S

if (SERVER) then
resource.AddWorkshop( “186008966” ) – ttt_bank_b3
This is the fix that I did in the autoconfig to solve my no map download issue.

whats most annoying is that
this works (makes people download this file)
resource.AddFile( “addons/MelonMine/materials/vgui/ttt/icon_gpi_melonmine.vtf” )
and this doesnt (missing map error)
resource.AddFile( " maps/ttt_waterworld.bsp" )

Im currently using Daemon Hosting
24 slots they pretty much installed me whole server
What I did to it added addons/config I wrote script for scoreboards mainly added ranks to it
and they work its just the fast dl that doesnt work.
How I tried to go about the maps so ofc I got my maps in the garrysmod>maps file all the .bsp are there and in graphs the .ain
the server cfg has these commands

net_maxfilesize 60 ( changed from 30 to 60 hoping that it would work)
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 1
download_debug 0
sv_downloadurl “

(I dont know if this is correct but it doesnt work I tried changing each bit but it didnt seem to help)

I tried doing several things pretty much
all the steps here none seemed to have worked unless I done them wrong

also when I do (update fast dl)
I get this
“Running Fast Download Tool…
Redirectpath doesn’t exist
press to enter”
I think that this is the issue but I still dont understand if someone can explain and help I will be grateful and sorry for bad english its not my native language

If maps are on the workshop ( One map per gma ), they should download automatically to the clients; it’s what Garry said when asked how the workshop system works.

Essentially you create a collection, use your Steam API key to download the addons to the server; when mounted, if a certain map is being played, it will be downloaded. You shouldn’t have to manually add each map and force the client to download all of them at once.

hmm yea makes sense I did that. I also fixed my fast dl ish I mean before I had this issue when I pressed “update fast dl”

“Running Fast Download Tool…
Redirectpath doesn’t exist
press to enter”

now it works good. But I still cant download maps from my server. Although I it works with workshop.

Also another thing which worries me is that all the addons that I added
look like I keep downloading them each time map change. I dont see it on other servers so how can I fix this problem?
I have my addons in addons folder and in autorun I use this command to have it running

“resource.AddFile( “addons/MelonMine/materials/vgui/ttt/icon_gpi_melonmine.vmt” )”

And although it works fine each time I do map change it downloads it self to users over and over again with each map change. Any solutions to this?

You could also use the example that’s on the wiki:

got my downloads now sorted… I created collection and just joined my workshop collection with my server but what should I do about certain models? since I cant get download to work from my server? can I just upload them to workshop and make collection out of it?

I wrote an example for the wiki; but Garry removed it because you don’t need to add maps… Since then, I wrote a few functions to get the contents of addons; it runs incredibly quick and I can then use AddWorkshop for addons that don’t have maps. Here’s the output of those functions:

Where it’s in segments: Name, table of contents ( can access via addon_table.maps > 0 then continue; end for skipping maps, etc ), followed by a list of the directories and files within.