Garry's Mod Server Game Modes

I just made a Garry’s Mod server a couple days ago and it’s working fine, and addons seem to work properly as well. I went to add a Grand Theft Auto Online game mode that I found on Steam (This is just one of them, there are multiple packages you have to download: and extracted the multiple packages with gmad extractor. I then put all of the files into one folder called grand theft auto online, and put that older in /garrysmod/gamemodes. I also tried murder just to sdee if it was the gamemode, and murder didn’t work either. Thanks to anyone that tries to help me. Also, if anyone knows where I can download an official Grand Theft Auto Online gamemode (unless this one is the official) that would be great.

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I’m also working on re-extracting the files and putting it the gamemodes to see if I messed up or anything.

I remade the server and changed it to DarkRP, there is no known solution.