Garry's Mod Server Hosting!

I plan on hosting a Gmod server, and I’ve been looking around, and its quite expensive for places like AOW. I’m looking for hosting at least cheaper than $50 (At least, doesn’t necessarily.), 30 slot, and I can pay annually considering majority of hostings give you discounts. But I’ve been looking at Zombie Cow servers, they have Xenon’s prices, but maybe better hosting? I dunno, but they seem good, there isn’t a whole lot of reviews, but they have a 5 day warranty so I guess I can try it out for a bit, and see.

I hosted a server with NFOServers and it was the most amazing host. I recommend it.

What gamemode do you plan on running on your server?
How popular do you expect your server to get?
Do you understand that if your server gains any bout of popularity, it WILL be DDoS’d?
Do you understand that most (if not all) small gameserver providers (the ones “under $50”) will nullroute your IP(s) if you get DDoS’d and eventually terminate your service if it happens again? (Which it will)

You need to take those in consideration before bothering with a gameserver provider.

Now if you only plan to have a small server for you and your buddies and don’t expect to piss anyone off, then chances are you won’t have any real issues.

Dunno which to go with still. if you are in the US. Highly recommend.