Garry's Mod Server Hosting

I have read just about every guide on the internet and just can’t seem to solve this problem. When I start my server it is running on my 192.168 IP thing. I have forwarded the correct ports and everything but I just need to know how to run it on my network IP and have people connect to it.

If you host using SRCDS, consloe or gui version, people will be able to connect to it if you give them the correct IP address.
Now, do your friends try to join via the steam community join feature? That will not work due to the fact that other people cannot connect to your internal IP.
Use this service to find your external IP.
If they still can’t connect to it when using your external IP, then I don’t know what to tell you.

192.168 is an internal ip goto google and look for “What’s my IP” and find your real ip.

Also go into the advanced settings for windows firewall and allow srcds and the port trough inbound and outbound.