Garrys Mod Server Idea (Would need advanced coders read more!) (Arcade!)

Hey guys my names Jake and love garrys mod in fact its one of my best games with over 1300+ hours on it but theres somthing that is really bugging me im just not enjoying it like I used to with all the darkrp spin offs that are fun for a few days but just get boring but I have concluded a plan for a really good garrys mod server and I think with the right people it could go far before I get that one comment saying (Melon you idiot no one wants to code for you cuz you are bad) I mean somthing along them lines I just want to put a idea forward and I have somethings that I will do to help support this !

So now what is this server idea you may ask well… Im thinking of making a arcade server for garrys mod yes not a arcade server where you play flashgames like a real arcade with claw machines old arcade games slot machines slam a winner and much more so this would be like a real arcade that you see in real life but in garrys mod you can win tickets and extange for items and much more now I my self is not good a coding but that does not stop this from happening I have ran a minecraft server for 2 years before with over 50+ plays and made over $1000 from it so it is possible now I would need to ask a few things from people… So if you are a coder and want to make this happen then my contact details will below now ofc you wont want to do this for free how ever I dont have money to be paying you but I will be paying for the whole garrys mod server and will only be taking a %10 profit from donations so the rest will go to the dev or the devs depending how many people want to do it now if your a dev and you think you can do it on your own you will be getting %90 of all donations as I dont want to do this for money I want to do it for fun now there will be some photos down below on what machines I am on about !

CONTACT ME AT: melonfactions

Maybe even a coin pusher ?

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Totally not hitting F5 hoping someone will want to make this happen ! :godzing:

Something similar to this already exists, I made a post about it on the Shit that gets you mad in Gmod v2

The idea as a whole is, well, not that bad. What your essentially proposing is a server designed to keep people hooked,


which, as we all know is very addictive in real life so would work extremely well on a server.

One of the first problems with the post, its quite vague. You haven’t really set out a plan, what you think is needed, a roadmap etc. Id suggest making a solid google doc and just pet everything down into that and make it neat. instead of 2 blobs of text and a load of pictures.

Another problem someone could find with your post, you can’t guarantee donations.

“if your a dev and you think you can do it on your own you will be getting %90 of all donations”

Although you say you are not in it for the money, that’s good, apart from that the developer at first is in it for the money, as that’s his only motivation to make this with you (most likely). So sadly I think your going to really struggle to find a developer willing to help you out. I’m not saying this as developers are greedy money whores, there not, but they wan’t money for there time and effort, which is perfectly acceptable, and you can’t guarantee all the time and effort won’t go to waste. Unless they have a special connection to the community/idea.

As said above, good idea, if it worked out well i’m sure it would be very popular as of the type of gamemode it would be and the nature of gambling. But it defiantly needs more of a thorough thought process.

Good luck with your project though,

Thanks man I will get to work !

A fixed, base amount of money up front and afterwards will do you a lot more good than ‘90%’ of the donation profits, because 90% can either mean YOU losing hundreds or thousands(If you’re lucky and skilled) to someone how may not even be actively working on the server every month, or it can mean that you get a dollar out of the 10 you earn from donations.

My suggestion? Offer payment per script, that way both of you have quality insurance and you don’t regret not taking the money.

You could also run a Fretta13 minigame server with a built in shop, and gambling scripts from scriptfodder. It is essentially the same idea.