Garry's mod server installation script creation

So I wrote this server manager that keeps steamcmd up to date. However the forced directory via “force_install_dir” does not seem to work.
I am calling the shell via the following line with $user “anonymos” and $appid 4020 (gmod dedicated server)
( the scriptpath and steam directories do exist ):

./ +login $user +force_install_dir $scriptpath/steam +app_update $appid validate +quit

After the server is installed, the steam directory can me located under the root’s home folder ( see below ):

Do you guys think that the server is ignoring this parameter and why the game is not installed in steamcmd’s root ( scriptpath )

It seems to me that you manually quitting SteamCMD before it even has a chance to start updating any files, I.E. before app_update is even ran.

Then I guess i gotta ditch the “+quit” ?

I am also manually quitting, because it creates the steam folder under the root’s home folder and I do not want it there due to consitency