Garry's Mod Server Issue (cstrike "models" folder needed)


Hi, when I host my server I get a whole heap of errors and numerous glitches such as no reloading animations, shooting animations and glitched, I can walk through certain props and some props have no physics (so when they are shot they don’t move)
Here are my errors from the console, I’m am almost 100% sure that the folders that I need are inside the “cstrike” folder named “models” & “materiel’s” if I am incorrect please tell me

I already have all that inside mount.cfg but I though id try replacing it with what it said but it still didn’t help.

Let me make myself clear, I don’t have any CSS files in my server, all I have is garry’s mod (4020) because as soon as I download CSS my servers stop working

So I incase anyone stumbles across this thread with the same problem, I found how to fix it, I downloaded the CS:S Content from (which is the only one I have found with models, materiel’s, etc) and then merged the all the folders (models, materiel’s, etc) into my garrysmod folder in the dedicated server directory, with the files that colide with the files you already have say “No to all”, Now my server works perfectly, I am still missing a couple files that I need to track down but they aren’t game breaking files.