Garry's Mod Server Issue

Hello I have been having a problem with my server and the CS:S weapons. When I ran it on DarkRP and spawned myself a weapon, the weapon froze in mid air, and I could not pick it up nor move it with the phys gun. I then changed to cop so I would have a pistol. I went to shoot it and the firing animation was very fast, and the gun realoaded instantly with no animation. This would be a problem as I plan on making it into a PERP server. This problem makes it impossible to have a working server, and I hope someone can help me fix it.

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garrysmod had a update… the update broke the game. How are you playing it?

I never closed the game, as to prevent it from updating.

control if the server got CS:S contents (sound, models, materials)

Lucky for some, i have error:

  •   Unable to load Steam support library.*
  •   This server will operate in LAN mode only.*