Garry's Mod server lag when spawning a TDMcar or weapons

Hello guys i got my own dedicated server on my pc but there is one problem and that is when i spawn weapons or cars that my server hangs for 2/3 seconds.
I read about precache or something but i don’t now how to do that. I got alot addons in my server (170 addons) i don’t know of it is much work to precache every weapon or something.
This is my server cfg:
Ram and cpu are not the problem and my internet is 120mbit (15mb/s) so i think that is also not the problem.
(my english is bad so sorry for my bad english)


This could be for any number of reasons. I’ve seen many servers where there will be a 1-2 second pause when a vehicle is spawned in. In regards to caching, I believe you’re talking about - some developers who write these addons already do this. But you forgot the important information, what sorts of vehicles / weapons are you loading in besides the TDMcars? I believe that addon comes with a lot of different cars, and the fact of you over 170+ addons right now. The more you add to that server, the more stuff it has to load. Take out all the addons and load in just TDMcars and see what the difference is.

It’s a deathmatch server with tdm cars and many weapons this is the collection:

if its dedicated, i know a good way to resolve lag problems.

in your gmod server folder, search for “server.cfg”
open it with notepad (or notepad plus if you have it it doesnt matter)
scroll down to minrate and maxrate
make sure minrate is 20000 and maxrate is 2500