Garry's Mod Server Loading Screen /w Music

Hey, I was wondering… how could I make a Garry’s Mod(Of course) Server Loading Screen WITH music on it[NOTE: I HAVE TRIED, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK!]? this is my current server.cfg:

"hostname"                 "Sky Rise TTT | FastDL | Amazing Staff"

"gamemode"             "terrortown"

"rcon_password"         "sjklfnalgbuib"

"ttt_postround_dm"        "1"

"sv_loadingurl"                ""

If you go to the “sv_loadingurl” you can easily see that it also includes music… When I enter my server, on the other hand, it does not play? Could anyone help me?

I went to that URL and I herd no music and only see text scrolling across the page.

After looking at the source of the page it seems you are trying to play a .mp3 from a dropbox link.
Does this link allow direct hot linking?

If the song you want to play is on YouTube you could do what I have done with my loading URL and play it like this.

Just look at the source and edit it from there.

I went to the URL and it doesn’t play music.

Gah, so many newborns here.
Please paste your HTML code for the loading page.

<div align="middle">

<font size="20" face="impact" color="#3399FF">

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="5">Welcome to Sky Rise Servers!</marquee>

<div style="visibility: hidden">



<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="4">Read the rules in "!motd"!</marquee>

<div style="visibility: hidden">



<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="3">Enjoy your stay!</marquee>


<div style="visibility: hidden">

<video controls="" autoplay="" name="media">

<source src="" type="audio/mpeg">



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I made the html all myself, so I could have did something wrong…

Dude, make your DropBox link public. Put it in the public folder -_-

Well, i’m currently using a .ogg file in my loading screen, it seems to work on the site, but it wont play in game. does garrys mod even support ogg files?
link to loading screen:
to see the html, just right click and click ‘view page source’