Garry's Mod Server Monetization

I own a darkrp server and I need some money to keep the server running. I want to know how everyone else makes money for the server. I don’t want people who don’t pay to feel like they cant do anything, but I want to make a donator group and what should I give to them? Is there any other ways to make money? I would never sell admin though.

Make something original and worthwhile and some people might donate. I doubt people would just buy a rank unless if your community is large or established.

Some of the best ways that I’ve seen are things like custom point shops that allow people to buy points to get things like hats, models, tags, colors etc etc

Doesn’t ruin gameplay, like buying admin, but is fun enough for dedicated community members to want. Sort of like the things you can buy on facepunch.

Give them access to things that don’t affect gameplay. Like hats.

Ok thanks.

I had donator only jobs on my server, worked great

This, I’ve seen far too many servers that restrict the most basic of features to those that ‘donate’.

I would never do that. I can’t give extra privileges to players who have $15 in their paypal. It just ruins the whole thing. I mean I need money but I want all players to be equal

You should probably offer a form of visual upgrade like skins, hats, trails, etc. I recently saw a server which had a simple glow around the donor which I though was nice, it showed that they donated to keep the server alive and not for any personal gain which would probably help the server get a nice community going too rather than a bunch of kids that donated to get $999999 in DarkRP.

Using the Halo feature from GM13?

I’ve been using that for the spawn christmas tree glow on our servers, I wanted to add it to a few more entities but it appears some people lag excessively with it.

But yes, that’s a great simple thing for donors to get if you’re wanting visual only. There’s even a workshop addon to do it for you I believe.

Yeah it was that effect but with the colour changed, I believe.

And I’d completely agree, which is why Weld and Adv Dupe isn’t limited to any group on my servers. Which server where you on?

I’d go for the Halo effect if it’s a small population server, but if it’s anything like my mini christmas tree experiments I wouldn’t go for it if you expect over 10-15 people to be colored. Mind I was toggling the color on the trees, so probably a big difference there.

Server is OP’s server. However I’m not going to post it here in case OP isn’t ok with it, check your PM’s.

Sorry, I like to be an idiot and thought you meant one of mine.

Ah no worries then, out of curiosity mind PM’ing me your server’s IP/site so I can take a look, me and a few mates are looking for a decent place to play.

Sure I guess, but we do have monetized RP items/jobs etc.

Which is part of what ruins your server’s gameplay.

Hats and other non intrusive things are great to have. Start up a hat store that you can get money for playing the game, but as a side you can also get a LOT more money by donating. Have something make connecting donators stick out and get respect. maybe even a small sparkle particle effect.

Make a small hat and attach a lightsphere to it for the top contributor :smiley:

I do love Lightspheres, I’ve been using them for my rare loot spawn markers and for the star on the christmas trees. If you want the gm13 code just PM me, was only a couple lines to convert it.


Those would be obtrusive and put donators at a disadvantage due to the fact that a giant fucking ball of light would make you a LOT more noticable

While I was joking, I’m not sure how making them glow wouldn’t do the same.

However, you could create small pretty entities with such and allow them to spawn them via the darkrp entitiy system. Enables them to decorate there bases without causing much FPS issues on other people.