Garry's Mod Server Problem! Help!

i have a question…
in Garry’s Mod, i can create a server but no one can join me, the same with dedicated.
in Left 4 Dead i can create servers and dedicated ones too and people can join.
Whats wrong?
please help me
if you want me to post my ports that are forwarded then tell me please

Left 4 dead finds the nearest and best server, so we can rule that out.

Also check somewhere in the Gmod section there is a guide to setting a server up.

did you use

Also get your IP address

Then tell your buddy to type in console “connect your IP address

No i make local (listen) servers in l4d
the same in gmod but gmod wont let players connect

Re-read my post and link.

ok im doing that right now to see if that works


-_- [/facepalm]

like i said i set it up correctly and it still dosnt work -_-


now is there anyway to test if my server works?
i dont want to load up my gmod for nothing


Read my post.

Did it work?

nope it still says for my friends Connection failed after 4 retries

What ports did you forward?

Well, if you are going to disregard my help, then I am afraid you wont get anywhere

Ports should be forwarded to 27005- 27020

If not, that’s your problem.

Also, for the slightest fact, I gurantee you did, but you are useless at it.

Type in your IP in your web browser,

Pass and user should be admin.
Set UDP or TCP to 27005-27020. Restart your router and check for effect.

After you spawn, Try typing this in console:

sv_lan 0

what kiwi said…

I have comcast and a lot of my friends say its because of comcast. Is that true?

Herm I don’t know if that is the problem, I have comcast, I tried setting it up, it doesn’t work, most likely cause I messed up or I am too lazy to fix it :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t think that would contribute to it…