Garry's Mod Server | Query answer

Hello everybody.

I have a small question
When i execute query request from my web server to my gmod server.
The gmod server send a couple of informations (like motd, players, map)

Where is located the file which answer to the query ?
This is lua file ?

I want to modify this file to add informations to query request, it is possible ?

Thank you

Are you talking about using a library like source query? If so I think you would have to look in the library that you are using

I might have the complete wrong idea of what you are doing so sorry if this makes no sense

Thank for the answer.

I want to modify the query library which answer to query request (on my gmod server)



You cant edit the ‘query’ you get from the source engine.
If you want to get more information, u can use sockets to get the information and send it to the website.