Garry's Mod Server Reviews

Hello Facepunch!

Basically one day I came up with the idea to review some Garry’s Mod servers and make videos for them for youtube. Now I have 7 videos up of different communities, and still continuing to review.

Currently I have no internet till thursday, and haven’t done for about 4 weeks so videos have grinded to a halt. But what’s there is still alright. The aspect ratio isn’t too great in some videos as I’m stuck with Windows Movie Maker as Sony Vegas won’t install for me (not the best of computers).

So check it out, and lemme know what you think of some of my videos. Constructive feedback would be great! If you like it, why not subscribe!
And if you have a community that you’d like me to review, send me a personal message on youtube and I’ll get on that right away once my internet comes back from hibernation.

I thought it was cute, but if you really just joined here to advertise then you are out of luck.
In order to fix the aspect ratio which I’m surprised you haven’t googled yet:
I hope too see you around too, you seem like a friendly person.

Ah yes, I have done that. But it seems like when it comes to actually publishing the video, the aspect ratio is all wrong. I’ll have to experiment with it a lot.

I also made this account to reply here and there, mainly in this part of the forum as I’m quite interested in Garry’s Mod movies etc.

i stopped watching after the first 8 seconds due to the poorly made logo with chocolate rain playing