Garry's Mod Server Side Addons

Hello so i have been wondering how to install addons for gmod13 on my server.
Svn no longer works and i know that Garry now uses .gma for the addons format
So my question is where do i get the gmod server addons???

seriously its not that hard.

its almost as bad as literally everyone on the gmod 13 beta forum saying (including garry himself in his twitter posts) that garrysmod 13 is an UPDATE not a new game, yet people still asked if it was a new game and if people had to pay for it.

look on the forums, look on his twitter, look everywhere before you post

Hi everyone,

Ok I have looked up gmod addons have watched YouTube videos, have looked at the wiki for server add ons. My son is running a gmod 13 server srcds version and wants to install addons.

I have created Workshop.vdf file and put it in the orange box directory have copied the gma files into the addons directory have also tried to extract the files into the addons directory but none of these methods seem to work. Now I noticed it says in the wiki that itbshould download and mount the addons on startup but even this seems to not be working. Am I putting the workshop.vdf file in the right place. Should this file have any specific rights or attributes ?

Also are there any new maps that can be downloaded my son is bugging me about all this and I can’t seem to find any info have been looking for over 2 weeks now. He has a bunch of people on his server asking him to put mods on and others are asking him to change his map.

Thanks ikhan42

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s been a long time since you posted but I’ll reply anyway. Your soon should have updated his server to SteamCMD if not the server won’t work (here you have a tutorial), you need the gmad extractor for some addons, because you have to put them into the addons folder.

Here you have a tutorial to add addons to the server, this is for darkRP but it’s the same for ttt or other gamemodes.

(the videos aren’t mine, they are the ones that helped me to set up my ttt dedicated server)

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You don’t have to use legacy addons, +host_workshop_collection exists.