Garrys Mod Server Useage

How much ram would a Garrys Mod server usually use?

I know this is a very variable question since it would depend on the addons and the amount of players, but can anyone give me a rough amount?

with 19 players,

271MB is allocated but it’s physically using 139MB

What gamemode and addons?

DarkRP with wire - 34 players - several hours online.


Garrysmod will / cannot ever use more than 500mb. Worry about CPU, see how his server is using 28% CPU? Guessing quad core, so that’s the limit. 1 CPU, shuffled around, gets’ the 3% from being shuffled (maybe network thread, doubtfull), so the 3% is a kinda lie.

that CPU isn’t accurate at all, the real CPU floats between 40 and 60 with that many players. It’s a quad core with hyper threading, but srcds can only use 1 core, so it’s pretty damn pointless anyway.

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DarkRP with Wiremod and some other stuff such as my ranking addon