Garry's Mod Server - Voice Chat Lag

I’m running a Gmod server on win server 2016 vm w 16gb ram & 2.1 ghz 8 vcore cpu (in a datacenter so network speeds aren’t a problem) and there’s been massive lag issues.
Turns out, whenever anyone uses voice chat the server lags horribly, but if voice chat is disabled server-wide, the server runs fine. Even with 4 or 5 people on, it causes huge lag issues to the point where it’s unplayable and you’ll start disconnecting from the server.

It’s a MBRP server with a lot of addons, but running FProfiler while the lag is occuring shows nothing addon-based causing it afaik. (nothing voice related and max run time for a function is like 150ms or so, which is higher than running without the lag but probably caused by the lag itself and not causing the lag)

Are you using a Microphone or Headset?